Sunday, November 9, 2014

Last Spartan race of the season

Last Spartan race has been completed!  And, trifecta earned.  I found out that I was only one race away from a double trifecta, since my beast finish in VT actually counted (I didn't think it would).  Oh well....maybe next year?  Mom, Jordan, Sophia, and RonRon all stayed in the same hotel....RonRon was totally awesome and agreed to being trapped in a car with us for a total of 12 hours, and then entertaining the tiny human while the rest of us raced....major brownie points to you!!  (THANK YOU!!!)  The Lambert clan shared a room, and mom and RonRon shared a room.  Sophia started out in her own bed, then I climbed in with her after I ate supper.  The first night, she just did not want to settle down.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Down.  Re-adjust.  Shuffle. get the picture.  She finally quieted down, and we didn't think much of it.  Until we went to go to bed.  Then, we found this:
To heck with the nice comfy bed.....I'm sleeping on the FLOOR!  Suckas.

(Proud moment here) I was able to successfully get her off the floor and into bed without waking her up, and she stayed in bed with me until 4, at which point she decided she needed to finish the night with Jordan.

Race day started out chilly, but ended up being a gorgeous day!  While the course wasn't up and down a mountain, it wasn't without its hills.  But, all in all, it was a good course.  I figured out how to get up the 10 and 12 foot walls myself, without using the "girl" step.  Quite proud of that one.  And, I managed the men's atlas stone carry and sandbag pull and carry this time around.  I swear, the mens atlas stones at the last race were double the weight at this one.

After (D is awesome and ran ahead and killed the course)

We were starved after the race, so we did a quick clean-up and headed to a steakhouse for some yummy noms, and to give mom and RonRon their surprise.  I do believe we accomplished the impossible:  rendering RonRon speechless for a full 60 seconds.    

Deer in headlights look aside, at least it's a good team.

And an even better player.  :)

(Okay, so that double trifecta may need to wait until 2 years from now.......maybe.....)

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