Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thoughts of a desperate mommy....

Sophia has recently started using her chair to access the bar, and anything else she's not tall enough for.  Unfortunately, that chair is very portable.  She'll carry it to the bar, carry it to Jordan's dresser, carry it to her room.....  She has also learned the skill of opening packages, and feasted one morning on the some candy we had neglectfully left on the bar, thinking it was out of her reach.  I am getting a bit frustrated with it, and am therefore considering leaving these on the bar for her to find.

Would that be wrong?  I'm just worried about the choking hazard they may pose.... 

Big girl bed

We finally got Sophia a big girl bed.  She was able to consistently hop out of her crib, and would do so.  Every morning, she'd hop out, head to the bathroom to go potty, and come find us.  We figure'd we cut out the "hop out of the crib" step.  That, and she was running out of room to put all her stuffed animals.  :)  She loves her bed, and we have had relatively few problems getting her to stay in it.  We had to discuss that she can't get out at nap time and put every book from her bookshelf in bed with her (we limit her to 2), but other than that, she's great!

I think she likes the extra room....

Falling asleep with a book on her chest....that's my girl!

Spot the Sophia!

First haircut

We finally did it.  Sophia had her first haircut.  I had gotten mine cut at the local technical center, by a friend I used to work with, and he did a killer job.  Bonus: it was free!  When I got home, Sophia stated she wanted her hair cut, too.  And wouldn't let it go.  So, I asked my friend if he did constant motion pogo stick little girl, too.  He does!  And, he's got the patience of a saint.  With as wiggly as Sophia was, I was amazed he didn't break out the duct tape.  She was finally bribed with being able to watch a little bit of Signing Time on my phone, which allowed him to finish up.

Getting started....brushing out her rat's nest.

Spraying the ground.  Because the ground needed to be sprayed!  (Poor Sam)

Trying to get her to hold still for longer than 0.5s by spraying a towel.....didn't work.

All done!

She looks all grown up!!  (and is trying to figure out how to escape)  No, she didn't lose the curl.  It's just all combed out.

Fun in the bookstore

Eating a pizza pretzel, and wearing her (self-chosen) tutu.

Oh, studying.

You know....picture books are soooooo last week.

Light reading.



Since Sophia kindly reset my phone, most of my Christmas pictures are Poof!.  But, I sent these to other people, and therefore have them.  Thankfully.

Sophia and daddy made Christmas cookies.

Sophia was a

I made Sophia a stocking!

After Santa visited.  That chair made me say quite a few 4 letter words.....

Sophia checking out the loot.  (made the jammies, too!)

These are for me!?

Sitting, and reading

Nana helping open gifts at Nana and Poppop's house.

After Christmas....relaxing.  In her undies.  In a boa.  With a feline foot rest......Yeah, she's got it good.

FINALLY visiting my big rower

I have been long overdue to visit my awesome big rower and her little girl!  We had been trying to visit for over a year, but if it wasn't one thing, it was another.  Sophia got sick.  L got sick.  Couldn't get off work.  Yadda yadda yadda.  But, the stars finally aligned and we could visit!  Much excitement was to be had, because I had yet to meet sweet L, and I was missing my big something crazy.  We had a whole entire weekend to hang out, visit downtown Chattanooga, go to the park, hang out some more, visit all the farm animals, visit farm animals again, and check out potential boyfriend material for Sophia.  It was AWESOME.  I also found my new favorite time to travel on I81: overnight.  Almost no traffic, cruise control set....perfect!

Heather is quite popular with the little ladies.  Not at all due to the graham crackers she is holding.....

Sophia visiting the goats

And feeding chickens!  

I was quite surprised, actually, that Sophia actually fed chickens; she is generally pretty leery of birds (they're not cute and furry and they make quick jerky movements).  But, she fed them like a champ, holding her hand out and keeping it (and herself!) still while they ate.  We were proud.

F, potential boyfriend material.  He was so cute with her!  Jumping carefully on the trampoline, and even running inside to get her a stuffed animal to hold.  He's pushing her on the swing, here.

Sophia also discovered her love of sweeping, and made sure Heather's hallway was very, very clean.  

L had an awesome rocking horse made by Madison's grand-dad for him when he was little, and Sophia loved it!  

Cowgirl boots

Sophia wanted I had been wanting to get Sophia cowgirl boots for a while now, because who doesn't love a good pair of boots?!  But, we couldn't find them in her size.  Or in the right style.  Or just couldn't find them period.  The search has ended!!  We have cowgirl boots!

Isn't she cute?!

Sad, sad day

My old phone died, and I got a new phone (YAY!).  However, I *thought* I had pulled all my pictures from it.  Oh, how I was wrong.  And, oh, how I was sad.  I've been sulking ever since.  And, to top it off, Sophia hard factory reset my new phone not once, but twice, deleting all pictures I had taken.  So now, I have my pictures set to auto-backup.  And I think I'm all done sulking and ready to catch up.  On the up side, I am very thankful I decided to do this whole blogging has been a repository for a lot of pictures that would have otherwise been irrevokably lost.