Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Big girl bed

We finally got Sophia a big girl bed.  She was able to consistently hop out of her crib, and would do so.  Every morning, she'd hop out, head to the bathroom to go potty, and come find us.  We figure'd we cut out the "hop out of the crib" step.  That, and she was running out of room to put all her stuffed animals.  :)  She loves her bed, and we have had relatively few problems getting her to stay in it.  We had to discuss that she can't get out at nap time and put every book from her bookshelf in bed with her (we limit her to 2), but other than that, she's great!

I think she likes the extra room....

Falling asleep with a book on her chest....that's my girl!

Spot the Sophia!

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