Wednesday, February 25, 2015

FINALLY visiting my big rower

I have been long overdue to visit my awesome big rower and her little girl!  We had been trying to visit for over a year, but if it wasn't one thing, it was another.  Sophia got sick.  L got sick.  Couldn't get off work.  Yadda yadda yadda.  But, the stars finally aligned and we could visit!  Much excitement was to be had, because I had yet to meet sweet L, and I was missing my big something crazy.  We had a whole entire weekend to hang out, visit downtown Chattanooga, go to the park, hang out some more, visit all the farm animals, visit farm animals again, and check out potential boyfriend material for Sophia.  It was AWESOME.  I also found my new favorite time to travel on I81: overnight.  Almost no traffic, cruise control set....perfect!

Heather is quite popular with the little ladies.  Not at all due to the graham crackers she is holding.....

Sophia visiting the goats

And feeding chickens!  

I was quite surprised, actually, that Sophia actually fed chickens; she is generally pretty leery of birds (they're not cute and furry and they make quick jerky movements).  But, she fed them like a champ, holding her hand out and keeping it (and herself!) still while they ate.  We were proud.

F, potential boyfriend material.  He was so cute with her!  Jumping carefully on the trampoline, and even running inside to get her a stuffed animal to hold.  He's pushing her on the swing, here.

Sophia also discovered her love of sweeping, and made sure Heather's hallway was very, very clean.  

L had an awesome rocking horse made by Madison's grand-dad for him when he was little, and Sophia loved it!  

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