Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First haircut

We finally did it.  Sophia had her first haircut.  I had gotten mine cut at the local technical center, by a friend I used to work with, and he did a killer job.  Bonus: it was free!  When I got home, Sophia stated she wanted her hair cut, too.  And wouldn't let it go.  So, I asked my friend if he did constant motion pogo stick little girl, too.  He does!  And, he's got the patience of a saint.  With as wiggly as Sophia was, I was amazed he didn't break out the duct tape.  She was finally bribed with being able to watch a little bit of Signing Time on my phone, which allowed him to finish up.

Getting started....brushing out her rat's nest.

Spraying the ground.  Because the ground needed to be sprayed!  (Poor Sam)

Trying to get her to hold still for longer than 0.5s by spraying a towel.....didn't work.

All done!

She looks all grown up!!  (and is trying to figure out how to escape)  No, she didn't lose the curl.  It's just all combed out.

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