Friday, March 6, 2015

Random picture

Sophia has discovered the joys of having her picture taken.  Case in point:

Sophia:  Mommy!  I wearing butterfly wings!
Me:  I see, dear.
Sophia: Take my picture!!
Me:  Okay.  Smile!
Sophia: I see!  Send to RonRon.
Me:  Okay, I'll send this to RonRon.  


27 Weeks

Symptoms: Starting to feel large.  I swear, I'm as big now as I was at 9m with Sophia.  At least it feels like it.
Mood/Emotions: Just a few melt-downs.  I blame stress from school coupled with hormones.  Oooops.....  

Sleep: Not feeling constantly exhausted is nice, but I would also take 5 naps a day if I could.
Movement:  YES!  This one is more squirmy than kick-y.
CravingsNothing too crazy.  Sweet tooth that's gone into overdrive, again, which is weird for me.  So I am eating ALL THE CHOCOLATE.  But no pickles-on-icecream or anything.
Things I MissCaffeine.  And, a margarita.  Still.  Want to be my best friend?  Show up to visit baby with one in your hand.  And no judgement on your face.
Workouts This Week: Did a mud run (A VERY COLD mud run) this past Saturday, run with a friend every Friday, and get some other runs/walks in during the week.  I'm training for a 10k, 2 half marathons and a full marathon, all before baby makes their grand appearance.  

Doctor’s Midwife's Visits:  We've had quite a few by now, and they're going well.  Baby's healthy, I'm healthy, so no news is good news.  :)

View of my messy living room belly at 27ish weeks.

On Wednesdays, we visit the Children's Museum

We got Sophia a pass to our local Children's museum for Christmas (not that she really has any concept of that, but still).  It's not terribly large, but it is a fun place to run around in, I don't *have* to pick up all the toys, and Sophia gets to play with different things than she sees at home.  We make a weekly trip of it, on Wednesdays.  This past trip, they had a new toy.  Can you guess what it might have been?

Eating lunch in the child-size kitchen with real (non-functioning) appliances

Driving the (real) ambulance

Being driven....

Headed out the back of the ambulance

Looking at the interactive touch-table

Riding in the Thomas car

And the tractor!

Milking the cow.

More exploring of the ambulance

And trying on some sports gear

Didja figure it out?!?!  Yup, they got a new pig.  Which is now Sophia's favorite thing #1 in that place.  We get there, she runs and gets it, and it gets dragged around to whatever she feels like playing with.  I am amused.  :)