Friday, March 6, 2015

On Wednesdays, we visit the Children's Museum

We got Sophia a pass to our local Children's museum for Christmas (not that she really has any concept of that, but still).  It's not terribly large, but it is a fun place to run around in, I don't *have* to pick up all the toys, and Sophia gets to play with different things than she sees at home.  We make a weekly trip of it, on Wednesdays.  This past trip, they had a new toy.  Can you guess what it might have been?

Eating lunch in the child-size kitchen with real (non-functioning) appliances

Driving the (real) ambulance

Being driven....

Headed out the back of the ambulance

Looking at the interactive touch-table

Riding in the Thomas car

And the tractor!

Milking the cow.

More exploring of the ambulance

And trying on some sports gear

Didja figure it out?!?!  Yup, they got a new pig.  Which is now Sophia's favorite thing #1 in that place.  We get there, she runs and gets it, and it gets dragged around to whatever she feels like playing with.  I am amused.  :)

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