Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I like to ride my tricycle, I like to ride my trike!

(bonus points if you hummed the tune of the title of this post!)  Sophia's new favorite thing to do, well, one of them, is to ride her tricycle.  We have a cul-de-sac a house down for us that's perfect for this activity, and if it's nice in the evening, that's where you'll likely find us.  She also got to recently experience the joy of a paved driveway at my mom and dad's house, and rode up and down the driveway and sidewalk for a good long time.
Safety first!  (Why, yes, that helmet is designed to fit children 8+ years old......)

Having fun!

Waiting on Mamaw to come play with us.  First thing on the agenda:  Riding my tricycle!!  (can you tell she's excited?)

We also occasionally ride our tricycle a tutu....and nothing else to speak of.  Good times. 

With as skilled as she's getting on that thing, I think we're upgrading her to an itty bitty bike for her birthday.  Complete with training wheels and such.  Just switching to back wheel drive.  :)

Find the sleeping Sophia

Glad to know I'm not the only one Sophia will "hide" from when she sleeps....RonRon nearly panicked when she couldn't find Sophia in bed, when she swore she had left her right there!  :)

She's also great at sharing the bed....

Pinned ya!

Yup, she's napping on me.  I was in heaven.  :)

It's not often anymore that Sophia will nap on me unless she's sick, so when she came in my room before nap time was "supposed" to be over to finish napping with me, and actually slept, I loved it!  

I can carry it!

So, it's just the poofy pearl things you mix in potting soil, but it's a hilarious picture.  :)