Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy THIRD birthday, Sophia!!

Holy smokes, child, you are now THREE years old.  Three!  You have such a big personality, and a scary ability to remember the smallest details.  You have a better sense of direction than I do (not that hard to do, but still!), and can remember where places are by sight after just one trip.  I'm a bit jealous, not going to lie.  You have a heart of gold, and want to know everybody's name.  You have been incredibly patient with me this past year, as I combined finishing my thesis with staying at home with you, and teaching a few courses.  You showed incredible understanding of my progressing pregnancy, and one of your favorite things to hear was how the baby was situated.  Your vocabulary and understanding of the natural world is incredible, and hearing you name off the dinosaurs is a sight to behold.  You learned to ride your tricycle this year, followed shortly by a big girl bicycle.  You are now in a big girl bed, and love having your star globe on at night time.  You have strong opinions about many things, but are open to trying any new food, especially if mommy or daddy is eating it!  We learned you like raw zucchini, but not raw onions this way.  You can put away a scary amount of pizza (10" pizza, anybody?), and love to eat an entire slice of Costco pizza when we go there shopping.  You can run, jump, and navigate stairs like a pro, and balancing on walls is a new favorite skill.  I can't wait to see how you continue to grow in the next year.

Birthday gifts from mom and dad.  :)  (Minus her big-girl bike)

Sleeping birthday girl around the time she was actually born (2:20a).

Birthday activity:  riding "bikes" at the "blue park"

And playing at the blue park.

Birthday ice cream!!!  Oh, her eyes got so big when we told her she could have the whole thing.  I don't think I've ever seen her concentrate so entirely on food before.  

We love you Sophia!!

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