Monday, June 22, 2015


For now, Sophia thinks Chloe is pretty cool.  Unless she's crying in the car.  Then she's not so cool.  I figure this will all change once Chloe can take toys, becomes mobile, and/or learns how to open doors.  :)  It is great to see how much Sophia wants to help, over-enthusiastically at times, and how much she loves to hug and kiss on her little sister.

She also asks on a nearly daily basis to hold Chloe, and for her to lay on her belly.  This is actually quite useful, since Chloe is not too fond of being put down, and I AM fond of wearing clothes.  I can park Chloe on Sophia's lap while I get dressed, and nobody needs to have a panic attack!

Sophia thought Chloe might be cold.

Chloe is quite happy to hang with Sophia, too.  Unless she gets hungry, at which point she becomes quite annoyed that Sophia is not properly equipped to feed her.   

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