Friday, June 26, 2015


In the last bit of pre-Chloe days, we found some fun things to do.  Both to entertain the toddler, and so I wouldn't go completely crazy.  Or, crazier.  You pick.

Activity one was going to a get-a-free-book thing at the fairgrounds.  There was also going to be rescue vehicles and a helicopter, so we had to go.  Sophia got one new book, and one used book.  Pretty cool!  We saw the helicopter, but before we could look in, they got a call (Pegasus-type helicopter).  Even though we couldn't go in, we did get to see it take off.  And that was pretty darn cool!  There was also a horse-pulled wagon that we rode in, puppies to pet, booths to get candy from, and rescue vehicles to see.
Seeing the inside of a hot air balloon was definitely a highlight, though!

When else can you say you ran around the inside of a hot air balloon?!?!

We also made regular trips to the children's museum.  Any place I could just turn her loose and park my rear end somewhere was high on the list of places to go.

She's quite the fashionista.  :)

We're saving this picture for her first date.  Or her wedding. 

It was also strawberry season, so we scoped out a pick-your-own place.  I tried one place, but it was closed when we got their, much to Sophia's distress.  We found another one the next day, though, and since it was rainy, it didn't get picked out immediately. 

Sophia doesn't like strawberries.  Nope.  Not at all.  What isn't pictured are the multiple strawberries she picked directly into her mouth.  

We also discovered that the Starbucks in Target sells frappachinos in "mini" cups, which are even smaller than whatever their fancy word for "small" is.  Sophia was a fan.  And, quite the fashion statement here.  

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