Friday, September 18, 2015

Adjusting to big sisterhood

People often ask how Sophia is adjusting to being a big sister, and I always say that she's doing awesome (and, honestly, there wasn't much adjusting that needed to be done...yet).  She adores Chloe, always wants to hold her, give her hugs and kisses, and supervise every diaper change.  If Chloe starts crying, Sophia will run for her pacifier and (enthusiastically) put it in her mouth.  Or retrieve a dropped or favorite toy.  Or bounce her chair.  If anything, we have to remind Sophia not to be TOO loving, since her totally adorable three-year-old loving is a bit much for her still very baby sister sometimes.  But, I wouldn't have it any other way.  We'll have to see if this lasts once Chloe becomes more mobile, and less willing to relinquish toys, but for now, I'm in mom heaven.

I wear Chloe, Sophia wears Spiderman.  Who's cooler?

Sophia has also mimicked many of the things I do with Chloe with her animals.  Simba and Nala are in diapers, currently.  And Spiderman frequently sports one.  Her stuffed pig is a frequent tenant of the bouncy chair, and Chloe has to share her play mat with Spiderman.  Sophia has "breastfed" her baby doll and Simba, and even "used" my pump to fill a bottle.  It is not only adorable, but a reminder that little eyes are often watching everything I am doing.

Sophia loves Chloe

And Chloe adores Sophia

I love them both.

And I just can't explain this one.  She's spunky, that's for sure!

First days of school!

It's official:  both girls are in school (or, "school"), as am I!  This summer has definitely shown me that while I love my girls dearly, I need a personal outlet in order to keep my sanity.

Chloe was super excited to be going to school.

So was Sophia.

Chloe's in a daycare, and while it's not as incredibly awesome as Sophia's was, it's still pretty awesome.  She has super-sweet teachers, gets lots of wiggle time, and even gets to hang out in a boppy, near a mirror, with her favorite toy!  She's working on figuring out the whole nap-at-school thing, but has successfully figured out that bottles are not enemy #1.  Thank goodness!

Sophia is going to a Montessori school, and loving every minute of it!  She's busy making new friends and learning new things, and her grasp on numbers and math is constantly surprising us.