Friday, September 18, 2015

First days of school!

It's official:  both girls are in school (or, "school"), as am I!  This summer has definitely shown me that while I love my girls dearly, I need a personal outlet in order to keep my sanity.

Chloe was super excited to be going to school.

So was Sophia.

Chloe's in a daycare, and while it's not as incredibly awesome as Sophia's was, it's still pretty awesome.  She has super-sweet teachers, gets lots of wiggle time, and even gets to hang out in a boppy, near a mirror, with her favorite toy!  She's working on figuring out the whole nap-at-school thing, but has successfully figured out that bottles are not enemy #1.  Thank goodness!

Sophia is going to a Montessori school, and loving every minute of it!  She's busy making new friends and learning new things, and her grasp on numbers and math is constantly surprising us.  

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