Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chloe's growing up!

Sitting and chewing

Ham is a big hit

And Papa is pretty cool.

Especially now that he's not afraid her head will pop off.

Reading with sister

And running her first half marathon ex-utero

Mashed potatoes were better used as face cream than eaten.

Wearing the good team.  :)

Helping mommy rescue the things in the -80C freezer that bit the dust.

Going for a walk

Ringing bells (find the baby!)

Practicing our driving.  She's got waving the hand and hitting the steering wheel down pat.  And reaching for those shiny, jingly things juuuuuuust out of her reach.  Don't forget chewing on the steering wheel!  

Baby containment device.

She sleeps like her sister.

And is just as snuggly.  <3 

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