Sunday, January 24, 2016

Where someone thought I should plan a baby shower

 Sister's having a kid.  And by having, I mean had by this point.  But hadn't at the time of the shower.  So, since sister was having a kid, she needed a shower.  The kind without water.  The kind where you get all kinds of fun things for the impending kid.  Therefore, a shower was had.
We decorated onesies.  Some more appropriately than others.

We had a diaper cake.  Not to look at.

Can you tell what our theme was?  Because every shower needs a theme, so I'm told.



View of the seating area

View of the present area



Mom-to-be spot

Other than raising my blood pressure for a good week, the shower was a bunch of fun.  I will never plan another one....they pay people to do that, but I can check that off my bucket list of "things I should do before I die and never do again."  I think sister and co made off with some pretty nifty things.

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