Monday, March 14, 2016

Discovery children's museum!

Chloe on the air blowers.  She had a similar reaction to them as Sophia did at this age.

She likes the balls.

Sophia exploring the "rainforest".  She was a much bigger fan of the rope bridge this year, and ran back and forth over it a few times.


Look!  Fish!!

Playing with the blow-y thingies (you shove an overgrown pompom in there and it goes through the track until it poofs out)

Chloe in the baby area.  She perfected sliding already.

Sophia showing her how its done.'re a bit old for this area now.....

Water play!

More water play!  And an amazingly realistic lobster that freaked Sophia out for a minute.

We still LOVE this museum, and I am really enjoying the fact that Sophia can enjoy some of the older things now, and Chloe is experiencing what Sophia has already done.  Can't wait to visit again!